Rick Chat Transcripts

IRC shadowfire #boingo chat with Richard Elfman

January 14, 2000

After an impromtu chat in the Elfman zone chat months earlier, Rachael got Rick to join us in IRC for a scheduled chat and we invited EVERYONE with web access.

Rick hung out with us for about 90 mins. so be prepared to scroll down a bit.

The ELFtext is highlighted in blue to make it a little easier to follow. I must commend his chat ettiquette. A great job was done referring back to the questioner to make it easier to follow the chat. Is this guy great or what?

And Yes, I did accidentally kick Rick out of chat. I think I figured out how and why though and it will never, ever happen again. (I hope) Sorry Rick. :-)

*** Now talking in #boingo
*** Topic is 'Rick Elfman TONIGHT 9e,8c,7m,6p see you then!'
*** Set by pampyra on Fri Jan 14 15:43:13
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o pampyra
*** Ricky_Elfman has joined #Boingo
*** Endymion sets mode: +o Ricky_Elfman
<LittleLadyMercury> :)
<Janice> Welcome, Rick
<Guzzy> Welcome!
<cheshire_> yay rick's here!
<SheilaMar> HI
<Cherrylynn> Hi Rick
* SheilaMar dies
<Ricky_Elfman> Hello my friends
<Mandii> HI!! :)
* suni Hi Rick
<Ichabod> Howdy
<Emmanuelle> Hi!!! ;*
<Ricky_Elfman> howdy doody Ichabod crane
* Cherrylynn does a little happy dance
<Ricky_Elfman> I'm lighting a happy little cigar
<Ricky_Elfman> although it's a big cigar

* Janice watches the insanity ensue
<Cherrylynn> ~beer Carona
* Endymion pours some Carona from the tap and slides it to Cherrylynn
<SheilaMar> my dad used to smoke cigars
<Ricky_Elfman> doesn't he smoke anymore?
<Erin> carona?
<Ichabod> Cubans, right? ...Ah...the legal ones...
<Cherrylynn> Rick, is it one of the Monica Lewinski Cigars????
<Mandii> *waves across the pacific
<Ricky_Elfman> I'm laughing and spilling port down my chin
<Mandii> eeep, forgot the...oh never mind
<pampyra> mandii is here all the way from australia to see you rick
<Ricky_Elfman> Hi Aussie!
<SheilaMar> Rick, I like your car, though, I'd rather a 69 myself :)
<Cherrylynn> wow....good "flight" Mandii???
<SheilaMar> erm, that doesn't sound right.....
<Ricky_Elfman> 69's are cool also
*** Alistar has joined #Boingo
* SheilaMar turns red
<pampyra> hi ali
* suni Hi Mandii from the USA
<Mandii> Hi! and lovely "flight" thanks cherry, felt like i never left my loungeroom heehe
* cheshire_ giggles at sheila.
<Guzzy> I'm deep in the Heart of Texas. =)
* Janice is in Cana-DUH
<Ricky_Elfman> where in TX guzzy
<Guzzy> Austin
<Cherrylynn> Janice, it's Cana-DUH-ian
<pampyra> st louis here
<Ricky_Elfman> great music in austin
<Cherrylynn> in that context...hehehe
<Satalien> St. Louis here too
<pampyra> we're burnign vicing ships here tonight
<SheilaMar> I live in Tampon, er, Tampa Florida
<Satalien> viking
<Ricky_Elfman> LOL
* cheshire_ is in salt lake. please rescue.
<pampyra> really> Satalien, which part of st louis
<Janice> lol, chesh
* suni Im from Iowa...org from Southern California
<Cherrylynn> truthfully, until I actually moved out of So. Cal to Chicago, I never knew people outside of Cali knew who Boing or the Elfman's were
<KingArtur> chesire = chibi?
<Ichabod> I suppose I'm the only one repersenting Rhode Island, pretty small as it is.
<pampyra> or should I say, where'd you fo to high school
<Ricky_Elfman> arent' they passionate in salt lake city?
<Cherrylynn> Rick, their mormans, they're passionate with more than one wife at a time...hehehe
<cheshire_> artur: mmm... chibimoon was my nickname in japanese class last year, but other than that, not really.
<LittleLadyMercury> ( i wish i could type faster)
<Guzzy> Hey Ichabod, I did a report on Rhode Island in 3rd grade.
<Janice> ooh..
<Ricky_Elfman> clever answer my dear!
<cheshire_> no, most people here are sooooo beyond boring.
<cheshire_> it is not even funny.
<Ichabod> Guzzy, and the pain never ceases?
<cheshire_> no passion. downtown looks like moscow in the fifties.
<Ricky_Elfman> Hello LLM, type, type
<Cherrylynn> every man's dream to have a threesome every night
<Guzzy> It wasn't so bad, Ichabod. =)
<Mandii> how do you thnk i feel? i'm all alone out here as far as i know!
<SheilaMar> Rick, have you ever been to New Orleans?
<cheshire_> mandii: where in oz are you?
* SheilaMar is originally from NOLA
<Mandii> i am literally the exception to the rule!
<Ricky_Elfman> no, but I look forward to going in the near future
<Mandii> i'm in brisbane, about 400miles north of sydney
<Ricky_Elfman> I love zydeco
<LittleLadyMercury> anybody here from jersey,other than me?
*** Goetia has joined #boingo
<Satalien> zydeco is great
<SheilaMar> don't pee on the buildings in the French Quarter, those are peoples homes ;)
<cheshire_> oh, cool, i have a few friends in brisbane (who i havn't talked to in forever)
* Cherrylynn assumes Rick hasbeen to beautiful, exciting Chicago
* Goetia mutters as he sweeps in like an Enochian nightmare.
<Cherrylynn> oops, that's has been
<KingArtur> well hell, where CAN you pee?
*** oats2 has joined #boingo
<Ricky_Elfman> I've only passed through Chicago
<SheilaMar> in the gutter
<KingArtur> I swear if it's not, gun control its pee control
<Cherrylynn> really? it's great here, we have some far out clubs you would love!!!!
<pampyra> well, that's a form of gun control
<Satalien> lol pampyra
<Ricky_Elfman> LA has smoke control, but no gun control or pee control
<Cherrylynn> well, some a little more far out than others, just ask Dennis Rodman
* SheilaMar makes a sign for her FQ friens that says "I don't pee on your doorstep, please don't pee on mine!"
<Cherrylynn> lol
<Ricky_Elfman> we'll call you when we come to Chicago
<Guzzy> Ricky, one of my friends who can't get on here wants to know who does the "WOWOWOWOWOW" in the Shrunken Heads theme.
<Cherrylynn> cool
<Cherrylynn> I'll take you on a tour of the great clubs
<Mandii> brisbane has style control, that's about it
<Guzzy> Cherrylynn, I LOVE Chicago!
<Cherrylynn> just watch those "husky" women....they aren't really women
<Ricky_Elfman> what wowowowowowo?
<pampyra> we have an arch in st louis, that's about it
<pampyra> oh and burning viking ships
<Cherrylynn> cool, guzzy.... I love it here too!
<Guzzy> I don't know Rick, that's just what she told me to ask.
<cheshire_> we have an ugly temple that looks like a prison.
* Goetia tried Chicago once; the snow melted. He returned to the plane, it began snowing again. Who knew?
<Satalien> but that's one night only
<KingArtur> and a really horrible airport
<Ricky_Elfman> we have a group of wits here tonight!
<Satalien> the trouble is that our wits aren't about us
<Mandii> would you have it any other way Rick?
<Goetia> No, only one wit moving rapidly back and forth in the fabric of spacetime 'tween Big Bang and Big Crunch.
<Cherrylynn> I refused to have a battle of tits...umm err wits with an unarmed person
<Ricky_Elfman> that's how i would describe my own state
<Ricky_Elfman> no

<SheilaMar> I'd win the battle of tits
* suni Suni asks Rick what is the subject for your next article in Charge?
* pampyra heads off for another breezer yay bacardi!!
<Ricky_Elfman> i once directed a battle of tits without wits
* Cherrylynn is a native So. Cal girl...home of the fruits and nuts!
<KingArtur> prove it
<SheilaMar> O_o
<Ichabod> Is there a battle with wits and that?
<Cherrylynn> LOL@Rick...good one, Rick
<Satalien> my favorite tits are the ones that don't have their wits about them
<oats2> Rick: Often I have wondered.... what is your favorite cigar?
<Cherrylynn> I think men lose their wits when they see tits
<Guzzy> (-;|==============|
<Ricky_Elfman> apparantly NOT ich.
<Satalien> that causes them to have fits
<Cherrylynn> hey, that could be Dr. Zeuss' next book
<SheilaMar> group poem eh?
<cheshire_> i think men are just stupid :/
<Cherrylynn> wits with tits
<Ricky_Elfman> punch maduro, right now
* SheilaMar huggles chesh
<Guzzy> Dr.Seuss is dead.
<Ichabod> heh
<Cherrylynn> I'll gohst write for him
*** Pieinthesky85 has joined #boingo
<Janice> NICE cigars...
<Mandii> lol@everyone it took us exactly 9 minutes to get onto the subject of tits, i love it!
<Ricky_Elfman> and it reduces thier zits!
<Cherrylynn> heya pie
<Cherrylynn> lol
* cheshire_ giggles
<SheilaMar> dude, that's a long time for me
<Janice> takes about 45 minutes to smoke one of those..
<Ricky_Elfman> (grabbing miss rowans....)
<Cherrylynn> 45 minutes to smoke a doobie????
<Ricky_Elfman> <rowan> HEY!
<Cherrylynn> lol
<Janice> a punch maduro, cherry
*** Pieinthesky85 was kicked by pampyra (pampyra)
<Cherrylynn> wait...we better change the subject, if Rick gets too excited he might leave early
<pampyra> taco boy
<SheilaMar> LOL
<Cherrylynn> lol
<Cherrylynn> jeez pam
<Ricky_Elfman> half an hour to smoke a punch maduro, depending upon how much i drink
<Janice> Real smooth to the end, those..
<Ricky_Elfman> (been there today pal)
<Cherrylynn> so what is your favorite liquor, Rick
<Ricky_Elfman> am drinking sandeman port right now
<Satalien> teach us all to be cool. lol
*** Pieinthesky85 has joined #boingo
<Ricky_Elfman> favorite is expensive red wine
<Pieinthesky85> why was I kicked?
<SheilaMar> Rick, a friend of mine wanted to know how the little guy (forget his name) in The Forbidden Zone was to work with?
<oats2> how expensive?
<Cherrylynn> cool...so do you guys go up to Napa or Santa Rosa much???
* Cherrylynn misses that about Cali
<Guzzy> Call me a wuss, but am I the only one here who doesn't drink or smoke?
<Ricky_Elfman> herve was the greatest guy in the world
<Janice> Herve V?
<pampyra> ricky, pick up the private window please
<cheshire_> guzzy: not by choice.
<Ricky_Elfman> french red wine
<KingArtur> I don't either, Guzzy
*** jenjamms has joined #Boingo
<Ricky_Elfman> yes herve V.
<Ricky_Elfman> ?

<SheilaMar> tattoo
<Cherrylynn> oh no!!!!!! I'm out of Amaretto
<cheshire_> rick, i'm gonna be in france in march, want me to pick up a bottle for you?
<Janice> Yes.. I knew... was just helping out... ;-) Can't spell his last name though .. haha
* SheilaMar gets her TV shows mixed up and starts saying "Nanunanu
<Satalien> what did he (Herve) think of the finished product?
<Ricky_Elfman> well chesire....
*** Pieinthesky85 has left #boingo
<Cherrylynn> sniff
*** Withdrawals has joined #Boingo
*** Endymion sets mode: +b *!*@*navinet.net
*** Withdrawals was kicked by Endymion (banned: request)
<KingArtur> hrm
<Ricky_Elfman> he was great, we laughed about it over wine for years after it
<Satalien> that's so cool
* suni Rick who in your next movie is from the Forbidden Zone?
* Cherrylynn is pouting in the corner, savoring her last bit of Amaretto
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*** Endymion sets mode: -b *!*@*navinet.net
*** pampyra sets mode: +b *!*@dialup-
<SheilaMar> sharon tyler
<SheilaMar> or something
*** Endymion sets mode: -b *!*@dialup-
* SheilaMar sucks with names
*** Ricky_Elfman was kicked by pampyra (pampyra)
<KingArtur> pam?
<LittleLadyMercury> ?
<pampyra> ooops
*** Ricky_Elfman has joined #Boingo
* cheshire_ blinks
<Cherrylynn> pam?
<Satalien> lol
<pampyra> sorry
<Janice> oh way to go, Pam.
<Satalien> LMAO
*** Endymion sets mode: +o Ricky_Elfman
<Guzzy> I have to admit I've never seen any of your films...
<Cherrylynn> ummm....
<pampyra> missed
<Ricky_Elfman> ?????
* Goetia smirks. 'Good shootin', Pam.'
<Ricky_Elfman> HEY
<Cherrylynn> LMAO
<Ichabod> well no one saw that coming
<Erin> good one, pam
*** pampyra sets mode: +b *!*@98AE22AB.ipt.aol.com
<Janice> hahaha
*** TacoBoy was kicked by Endymion (banned)
<pampyra> sorry
<Satalien> pam's gone mad with power!
* suni Poor Rick
<Ricky_Elfman> slow down, we got kicked
<Satalien> everyone hide
<jenjamms> lol
<pampyra> sorry
<Goetia> Always check the direction the deathray is pointing before firing.
<Cherrylynn> LOL
*** groovy_yak has joined #boingo
<pampyra> fogot to unhighlight you before i did that
<Janice> Groovy-yak! Welcome
<groovy_yak> Hello everyone
<Ricky_Elfman> I'll kick taco boys punk ass
<pampyra> hi tim
<Ichabod> His grooviness...and yakiness? Well the first part sounded fine.
* suni Hi groovy
<LittleLadyMercury> why?
<pampyra> good
* Cherrylynn just spit some of my last Amaretto on my keyboard
<pampyra> you do it so I don't kick you again
* SheilaMar cries
<SheilaMar> I want a drink
<Ricky_Elfman> why what?
<Goetia> Come and see the violence inherent in the system!
* pampyra offers a swig of breezer
<LittleLadyMercury> what did taco boy do?
<Erin> im so confused
<Mandii> help help i'm being repressed!! :)
<Janice> LOL mandii
<SheilaMar> hehe
<Cherrylynn> so....Rick....what is your favorite ALL TIME memory (keep it clean, there's some things I don't need to know)
<Ricky_Elfman> LLM, ask alex, he'll tell you
<Erin> haha! monty python!
<KingArtur> fish taco boy is more like it
<LittleLadyMercury> oh.....ok
<Cherrylynn> Bring me a Shrubbery...
*** aneuploid has joined #boingo
<Erin> ni!
<Guzzy> lol
<Ricky_Elfman> it is very recent,and that is all i can tell you!
<oats2> we are not the knights who say ni
<cheshire_> oi, here go the monty python jokes...
<aneuploid> Why in the fuck do i keep getting banned?
<Janice> ow. Not the knights who say ni!
<Cherrylynn> ahhh....hmmm
<Mandii> u-oh goetia, we've created a monster....
<Cherrylynn> ni
<Cherrylynn> ni
*** aneuploid was kicked by pampyra (pampyra)
* cheshire_ hides
* Goetia scans for diploidy; aneuploid lifeform detected.
<pampyra> him again
<Ricky_Elfman> NI
<Cherrylynn> who is aneuploid?
<oats2> brave brave brave brave Sir Robbin
<pampyra> where is sir robbin tonight?
<Cherrylynn> just watch out for killer rabbits
* SheilaMar smooches chesh
* Goetia just eats the minstrels and leaves it at that.
*** KingArtur sets mode: +b *!TacoBoy@*.ipt.aol.com
<pampyra> he promised he'd be here
<pampyra> thank you chad
* cheshire_ is happily smooched
<suni> Now Im I getting through?
* Goetia is nae smooched; ach, the 'orror.
<Ichabod> Hey Rick, is it true that fake vampire blood gives actors rashes? Uh, as an aspiring director it's a professional matter :->
*** vaporeto has joined #Boingo
<oats2> Is that a REAL tat?
<Goetia> Yes, suni, we see you.
*** Boingo_69 has joined #boingo
<suni> Good LOL!!!
<Cherrylynn> heya Boingo69
<Ricky_Elfman> we didnt' have that problem with vampire blood
<pampyra> vap!!! does your wife know you are ditching her bday party to be here?
<Guzzy> I just e-mailed Steve Bartek to see if he wants to join us, but I don't think he's online.
<vaporeto> lol
<Ricky_Elfman> and who said the blood was fake?
<Boingo_69> hello cherry
<LittleLadyMercury> hey 69! you made it!
<Ichabod> Ah Gene Simmons lend any?
<vaporeto> she hasn't called yet pam
<oats2> TAT... 2.
<Boingo_69> finally
<Janice> ~shot blood
* Endymion pours a blood into a shotglass and hands it to Janice
<Satalien> Rick, who are some are your favorite film directors?
<suni> So Rick what's your next article in charge gonna be about?
<Ricky_Elfman> Scorcese, Hitchcock, Sturges
<LittleLadyMercury> has anybody here seen alex tonight?
<KingArtur> not yet, llm
<Ricky_Elfman> I don't know, but they are yelling for an article
<Cherrylynn> Hey, Rick....do you like Poe (Edgar Allan)
* Goetia waves a tentacle at LLM. 'Like, over here?'
<Ricky_Elfman> no LLM
<LittleLadyMercury> :)
<Ricky_Elfman> I'll try to drum up some trouble this weekend
<Ricky_Elfman> love Edger Allen

<SheilaMar> Rick, about Oingo Boingo, since you officially started it with the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, I've been wondering how you picked that name?
<KingArtur> oh never mind, yes I have
<Goetia> Who *else* would mention Enochia upon entering a chatroom?
<Cherrylynn> cool...Poe is so cool
<suni> I love your articles. Very witty
<LittleLadyMercury> heehee
<Ichabod> Why the heck is Mike Jackson playing Poe...?
<Erin> isnt the name swahili for something?
<Ricky_Elfman> The Mystic Knights of the sea were the lodge that Amos and Andy belonged to
<Guzzy> "Quoth the raven, 'Nevermore'"
*** Jeff has joined #boingo
<Ricky_Elfman> and Oingo Boingo popped out of my head
<Satalien> :)
<Ichabod> :->
<vaporeto> I don't want to ask a question that's already been asked before...So ill just read
<Cherrylynn> Amos and Andy!!!! wahoo...as in the old Radio show??? I have some old Amos and Andy cartoons!!!
<pampyra> hi jd
<Mandii> the best ideas just pop out of one's head don't they? that's cool
<Ricky_Elfman> we have brunch with Poe periodically, she's very cool
<Cherrylynn> LOL
<Erin> hehe
<cheshire_> more mystic knights.... was the mystic knights of the oingo boingo just the first name for the band?
<pampyra> so we still don't know what an oingo boingo really is, now do we?
<Jeff> Hello Pam :0) Hi Richard! an absolute pleasure to chat with you !
<Cherrylynn> I meant Edgar...hehehe, who is dead...but hey, if you have lunch with him, more power to you....could you get your medium to say hi to my mom and dad???
<SheilaMar> see, I was thinking that Mystic Knights might have been a Mardi Gras reference since most of the parades are "Mystic Knights" of something or another
<Ricky_Elfman> yes but we were sued by a gospel group in north CAl called the mystic knights
<pampyra> I thought we were set not to accept outside messages? I'm getting taco boy messages
<Ricky_Elfman> and had to truncate into Oingo Boingo
<cheshire_> heh.
<oats2> Did you see "Being John Malkovich?"
<vaporeto> taco boy....hehehehehe
<KingArtur> anyone on irc can msg anyone else on the same server string
<Erin> who was taco boy booted?
<Ricky_Elfman> loved being john malkovich
<Erin> er.. why
<Ricky_Elfman> very original
<oats2> coo
<Cherrylynn> I want to go see "The Talented Mr. Rippley"
<Satalien> how did you hook up w/ Matthew Bright?
<Cherrylynn> has anyone seen that?
<SheilaMar> Rick, have you seen "Orgazmo"?
<Ricky_Elfman> Mathew bright went to high school with my brother danny, and used to get beat up all the time because of his small stature and big mouthj
<suni> My ex boyfriend saw Mr. Rippley and said it was ok.
<Ricky_Elfman> mathew was the first bass player in the Mystic Knights
<pampyra> who's that, danny or matthew?
<Cherrylynn> hmm....
<Satalien> Cherry, saw Talented Ripley... first half is wonderful. Then it kinda falls apart
<Ricky_Elfman> haven't seen Orgazmo
<vaporeto> Danny used to get beat up?
<SheilaMar> rent it
<Cherrylynn> ahh, thanks Sat
<Ricky_Elfman> no, mathew did
<Ricky_Elfman> danny had me to look out for him!

<Erin> hehe
<pampyra> you ever kick ass on danny's behalf?
* Goetia has a small stature, a big mouth, but thinks he had the advantage of enjoying watching others suffer in agonizing pain ...
<Satalien> lol
<Cherrylynn> Rick, you were such a cool Big Bro
<Ricky_Elfman> yes.
<Ichabod> heh
<Janice> What's the worst mess you ever bailed him out of, Rick? haha
*** FanOBoing has joined #boingo
<Boingo_69> Rick... I was telling pampyra last night that the Local Blockbuster did not carry either SHrunken Heads or Modern Vampires.... seemed surprised. Is that lack of accesability common?
<Ricky_Elfman> I don't know about cool, but crazy, yes
<Mandii> frankly i wouldn't mess with either of you heheeh
<pampyra> nonon, what's the biggest mess danny bailed YOU out of?
<vaporeto> Couldn't Danny take care of himself? Sheeesh
<Cherrylynn> ummm...Pam, why is Aneuploid msging me?
<Janice> LOL pam.
<oats2> I found MV in a really small ski town to rent
<Ricky_Elfman> a complete donnybrook in the basque country in france
<Cherrylynn> heya fan
<FanOBoing> hello!
<Guzzy> This may be an odd question, but what's it like having a brother anyways? I have one, but I've never met him.
<pampyra> ignore him
<Ricky_Elfman> musical problems and he's still doing it
<Cherrylynn> how do I do that?
<Ichabod> Ah I would of guessed jail in Brazil.
<Janice> Hiya F.O.B.
<Cherrylynn> I can't tell someone I don't know to f-off....I'll just ignore him
<vaporeto> Now that's a funny question Guzzy
<Ricky_Elfman> it's great having a brother, particularly if he cooks great breakfast and writes music for you for free
<Guzzy> I know. I'm weird.
<SheilaMar> I have a niiiice indie video store not far from my house :)
<SheilaMar> they specialize in rare videos
<suni> Rick is there anywhere in the world you have yet to visit?
<Cherrylynn> cool....
<Ricky_Elfman> pouring another glass of port
<pampyra> besides my house
<SheilaMar> New Orleans, he needs to go to NOLA
<pampyra> :-)
<Satalien> lol Pam
<Cherrylynn> so Rick, Have you and Danny always been close, no sibling rivalry???
<Ricky_Elfman> MV and SH in Hollywood video
<Ricky_Elfman> half the world yet to visit

<Guzzy> Hey, what about Austin and the *great music* here?
<FanOBoing> Rick, I hope this question hasnt come up yet...but how are the plans for a Forbidden Zone DVD coming along?
<SheilaMar> Forbidden Zone on DVD>????
<LittleLadyMercury> my foots asleep...
* SheilaMar dies
<pampyra> can the MV uncut vid still be bought online?
<Cherrylynn> FZ on DVD??? WAY COOL!!!!!
<Ricky_Elfman> we used to fight occasionallyin the mystic knights when i'd edit his material. but now we get along
<vaporeto> DVD? It's barely out on video!!!
<Erin> Rick, are there any copies of Forbidden Zone left to purchase from richardelfman.com?
*** pamfan has joined #Boingo
<Mandii> so's mine llm
<Cherrylynn> cool...you're right about brothers/sisters....they're there when no one else is
<Ricky_Elfman> am working on FZ DVD but might not be out till early next year
<vaporeto> what? cool
* SheilaMar dies again
<Ricky_Elfman> we get more tomorrow
<Cherrylynn> I'm buying a DVD player!!!!....
<FanOBoing> will it have cut scenes?
<Ricky_Elfman> email Rachael about MV
*** drujs has joined #Boingo
* Janice need to get her havds on MV & SH
<pampyra> LOL... pamfan
<oats2> Will the FZ DVD have any cool extras?
<pamfan> hi pampyra :)
<LittleLadyMercury> my brother is really mean to me
<LittleLadyMercury> :(
<Janice> hands, even
<Ricky_Elfman> check with RAchael regarding uncut MV, etc.
* pampyra hugs my OTHER favorite red head
<Cherrylynn> sorry, LLM...maybe he'll grow out of it
<vaporeto> Titanic is out on DVD and now FZ...life just became perfect
<Satalien> lol
<Ricky_Elfman> yes, oats. There's half an hour of cut scenes!
<SheilaMar> bleh
<Cherrylynn> hey, Rick...will you be offering autographed DVD's on your website as well???
<LittleLadyMercury> i doubt it,he is 18 already
<Mandii> i despair at ever getting FZ out here in any format
<pamfan> <S>....how did you know it was me?????
<pampyra> rachael, you may want to pop your email addy in here
<pampyra> I checked
<FanOBoing> wow...that's great. Will it have a director's voice over? :)
<Ricky_Elfman> check with rachael, cherry, it can probably be arranged
<pampyra> I have powers :-) and it says you're from new philly
* SheilaMar prepairs to die yet again
<Cherrylynn> Cool!!!
<pamfan> lol....lucky me!!!
<cheshire_> rick, is that your default answer? 'check with rachael'
<Ricky_Elfman> it'll have the director's hoarse cigar over (fanboingo)
*** LordByron has joined #Boingo
<Ricky_Elfman> rowan@richardelfman.com
* SheilaMar now dies
<FanOBoing> hahaha
<Guzzy> Hey Ricky, are you a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas (like me)?
<Ricky_Elfman> yes, guzzy, loved the halloween song particularly
<Guzzy> =D
<Guzzy> Ever been to halloweentown.com?
<Ichabod> First Disney Film starring a dead guy with NEW BEANIE BABIES hehe
<Cherrylynn> Rick, what made you take the path of film-making, rather than stay in music with Danny?
<pampyra> :-)
<Ricky_Elfman> no.
<Guzzy> ROFL
<pamfan> hey pampyra....brb....lemme try something
<Guzzy> Oh, it's a kick-butt site!
<Ricky_Elfman> my intention was always to do film and theater
<Erin> butt. haha
<LordByron> *Bows deeply* whispers "sorry im late"
<LittleLadyMercury> isnt it YOUR site?
<Ricky_Elfman> but music is an integral part of it
<vaporeto> Rick here's a great idea: Tell Danny that it came to you in a dream (nightmare could work a lot better) that you were starting the band again...
<SheilaMar> Rick, what types of music do you listen to?
<Ricky_Elfman> LLM?
<pampyra> speaking of dreams... didn't the J's have a question?
<Guzzy> No, I just HELP with the site a little. Everyone thinks it's mine at first, I can't take that much credit.
<Cherrylynn> true...does Danny charge you for the scores??hehehe
<LittleLadyMercury> oh,ok
<Janice> NEVERMIND, PAMMY... jeez
<Janice> hahahahaha
<Mandii> careful vap, it's starting to sound like the blues brothers heehee
<pampyra> LOL
<Ricky_Elfman> my musical tastes are ecclectic, but you can hear them in my films
<vaporeto> lol
<LittleLadyMercury> i knew i had seen your name there guzzy
<vaporeto> cool
<Mandii> "the band! the band!"
<oats2> RE: Did you go to film school? I'm taking a video fundamentals class now, and there's so MUCH to learn. If you did go to school, where and for how long?
<Ricky_Elfman> danny charges me $1
<SheilaMar> I nearly fainted when I heard Josephine Baker in FZ
<Cherrylynn> very cool....
<Boingo_69> Rick isn't danny working on sreenplays himself... if so, will there be collaboration from yourself?
<Ricky_Elfman> no i didn't go to film school, but I only hire those who have
<Satalien> does that ever break the budget, the $1?
<Guzzy> well, i used to be the only other Chat monitor there, LLM, but I don't know how to do it now that Jeff put the Town Meeting on IRC.
<Cherrylynn> LOL@Sat
*** LordByron has quit IRC (Client exited)
<Ricky_Elfman> danny's writing a screenplay right now
*** LrdByron has joined #boingo
* Goetia refuses film school; full of artsy-fartsy type. ;)
<vaporeto> a dollar?!?!? After protecting him all those years in school?!?!?
<Guzzy> Cool!
<oats2> artsy-fartsy is good
<KingArtur> hey, leave me outta that
<FanOBoing> Rick, what ever happened to the Gong Show trophy you won? Is it still around?
<Ricky_Elfman> we went to seperate high schools though
<Cherrylynn> no...fartsy is not good,
<Ichabod> A dollar can pay for a lot these days, just call 10-10 321...
<Guzzy> Artsy fartsy RULES.
<cheshire_> artsy fartsy is good if you're not pretentious about it.
<vaporeto> LOL
<Erin> why separate HS's?
<Ricky_Elfman> it's in my basement right now
<groovy_yak> Danny's writing a screenplay? Are you allowed to tell us anything about it??
<Janice> lol, ich
<Mandii> i went to film school......mental note to self, sell everything and move stateside
<Guzzy> LLM, I'm mostly credited as "Heather" for what I do on Halloweentown.
<Ricky_Elfman> i went to dorsey high school in south central where they shot boys in the hood
<Erin> haha
<oats2> Most artsy-types are pretentious, just sensitive
<Ichabod> heh
<vaporeto> (Danny's been writing a screenplay for QUITE some time now...hasn't he?)
<Ricky_Elfman> danny went to university high that had a witty little foul mouthed chap named mathew bright
<oats2> aren't
<Guzzy> They shot some of "The Big Green" at my middle school. Nothing too impressive.
<SheilaMar> I'm one of the few girls from my highschool who doesn't yet have a kid
<Cherrylynn> hey Rick....your Mom was a writer, correct? how come neither of you took after her as far as writing a book??
<Ichabod> They shot Dumb and Dumber near me...hmmm
<Guzzy> Me too, Sheila.
<Ricky_Elfman> good for you, sheila mar!
<LittleLadyMercury> they shot,baby genuises up the street from my mom house. like anyone cares
<SheilaMar> (and most of the ones with kids, had them before they finished)
<Mandii> they shot a jackie chan movie in brisbane, can't remember which one though
<pampyra> rachael, can you pick up the message quick to verify the taco?
<Satalien> Rick, what do you think of David Cronenberg (if anything)?
<Ricky_Elfman> i have a few books i wish to write, and mother and I are collaborating on a play right now (check out website for more info)
<Satalien> LOL
* Goetia looks amused; they shot Dukes of Hazard near his childhood home.
<vaporeto> tacos and beer...yum
<Cherrylynn> I will, thanks
<Ricky_Elfman> Haven't seen all of cronenburgs work
<FanOBoing> Tucson has had all sorts of films made here, how about coming to Tucson to shoot a film Rick? I hear the labor is cheap :)
<Cherrylynn> I was an english/art major at Cal State Fullerton
<cheshire_> yeah, well they shot ruben and ed in utah, so there!
<SheilaMar> I'm a wanna be lots of things
<SheilaMar> :D
<Guzzy> Need a spotlight operator for you play? I've done that a lot....
<Erin> cal state disneyland, you mean
<Ricky_Elfman> the budget sounds good fanoboingo
<Cherrylynn> hey now!!!!
<pampyra> 'Heathers' was based on the combo of the two high schools in the district I attended
<LrdByron> rubin and ed!
<Erin> heh im joking
<FanOBoing> hell... I'll work for cigars
<Janice> Pam - now I'm getting msgs from aneuploid... says he's 'kenny'... whatever that means.
<Ricky_Elfman> hired
<pampyra> tell him to leave you alone
<suni> Rick, my school University of Iowa has two of your mom's books in the main library.
<pampyra> ignore him
<Guzzy> Hey, wasn't Glenn Shadix in "Heathers"? I haven't seen it, but I know him...
<Janice> k. Thx.
<SheilaMar> janice /ignore aneuploid
<vaporeto> Wanna hear cheap? Come over to Mexico...I'll throw a couple of...well...I'l throw something on the barbie for you
<SheilaMar> do that and you won't get his messages
<pampyra> anyone who gets a message from aneuploid, ignore him
<LittleLadyMercury> man,i'm hungrey
<Ricky_Elfman> only two, tell him to buy more
<LrdByron> Rick, you still play percution?
<Erin> percussion
<Cherrylynn> does your mom write under "Elfman" or does she have another pen-name?
<LrdByron> lol
<Ricky_Elfman> a bit, but not as much as i would like to
<LrdByron> percussion
<suni> I'll try :^)
<Ricky_Elfman> cherry, the next book will be under clare elfman
<Erin> what kind of percussion do/did you play?
<Jeff> Rick, where was forbiden zone filmed? How long did it take?
<Erin> i played mallet percussion in HS
<pampyra> Rick, how long until we might see Attack on Chedrania?
<Cherrylynn> I'll put it on my Amzon.com watch list
<Ricky_Elfman> FZ was shot in LA
<Satalien> If there is a theme to this chat, I think it will be
<Satalien> "rachael, can you pick up the message quick to verify the taco?"
<Ricky_Elfman> FZ was about 25 days of shooting spread over a year
<Erin> we did a few Elfman songs for a field show... "Edward scissorhands meets beetlejuice"
<pampyra> LOL
<LrdByron> That is what i liked about MK of OB. Drums.
<Ricky_Elfman> am working on attack on chedranis, but will be a while still
<groovy_yak> Rick, what percussion instruments do you play? (I'm a percussionist myself)
<vaporeto> Damn it, I wish I could stay longer.
<Boingo_69> did tattoo work for cigars?
<Ricky_Elfman> ed S. is being made into a ballet in NY soon
<Cherrylynn> no, but Monica did
<LrdByron> groovy;me too.
* cheshire_ blinks.
<SheilaMar> Rick, did you see "Bowfinger"?
<FanOBoing> Rick... I have a short video clip from "I Never Promised You A Rose Garden" with you and Danny in it...did you all do any other Cameos?
<cheshire_> edward scissorhands ballet? neat!
<Ricky_Elfman> tatoo was so damn cool he would come on weekends and paint sets
<oats2> haha
<Guzzy> Really??
<LittleLadyMercury> only goths will go see that
<LittleLadyMercury> but hey,i'm there
*** KingArtur sets mode: -bb *!TacoBoy@*.ipt.aol.com *!*@98AE22AB.ipt.aol.com
*** aneuploid has joined #boingo
<SheilaMar> what is wrong with goths
<Guzzy> I was just IN New York.
<Ricky_Elfman> more than i would like to remember, fanoboingo
<cheshire_> good, easy to get good seats then.
* SheilaMar 5's chesh
<Alistar> Rick, what's your middle name? I have a theory...
<Ichabod> Edward Scissorhands is underappreciated, one of the most beautiful films of the decade.
<FanOBoing> no kidding! which ones?
<aneuploid> I am glad I finally got on
<Ricky_Elfman> Eliot
<Cherrylynn> Rick, did you &/or Danny do a cameo in "Bachelor Party" with Tom Hanks???
<SheilaMar> REE
<vaporeto> nahhhhh
<Ricky_Elfman> uhh, danny may have?
<Satalien> lol
<Cherrylynn> I know they used OB music in that
<SheilaMar> before I was married, my initials were PMS backwards
<LittleLadyMercury> dont you think that guy from ellen looks alot like an elfman?
<Cherrylynn> my initials are VD, Sheila, so don't feel bad
<Ricky_Elfman> who? LLM
<oats2> I've thought that too LLM
<Janice> LLM... I know who you mean... YES< I think so.
<Satalien> I actually have a friend that swears Richard Elfman was in Showgirls b/c that guy from Ellen was in it
<LittleLadyMercury> the gay guy,peter
<Guzzy> My initials were ALMOST HAM.
<Ichabod> If you squint real hard and become an obsessive maniac...yeah!
<Cherrylynn> lol
<Ricky_Elfman> I was not in showgirls
<oats2> haha
<Satalien> I didn't think so
<oats2> why not?
<Ricky_Elfman> ???LLM
<SheilaMar> would you admit you were in it if you had been?
<aneuploid> so RICKY... not going to see STUART LITTLE tonight?
<LittleLadyMercury> lol,nevrmind
<SheilaMar> :D
<Erin> showgirls...what an awful movie.
<KingArtur> hah
<Cherrylynn> chad....
<Cherrylynn> I need help....
<KingArtur> we know
<Ricky_Elfman> although they tried to make me work with the dumb girl who stared in showgirls as my lead vampire
<vaporeto> Rick, How many Boingo videos did you direct?
<Satalien> hey, showgirls, we're back on the subject of tits
<Cherrylynn> snif, pout
<aneuploid> I love SHOWGIRLS
<Cherrylynn> Demi, seriously?
<Cherrylynn> yuck
<Alistar> who's "they"?
<Ricky_Elfman> I directed a couple and produced a couple
<Erin> no no.. demi was in strip tease
<Guzzy> Am I a weirdo for having memorized every single line of Nightmare by heart? ;)
<Ricky_Elfman> no stuart little tonight
<SheilaMar> cherrylyn, wrong movie
<Cherrylynn> oh, that's right
<cheshire_> no, guzzy.
<LittleLadyMercury> what exactly IS producing?
<Erin> elizabeth berkely was the ditz in showgirls
<Cherrylynn> I love stuart little!!!
<Guzzy> =)
<pampyra> yeah, what is it?
<Cherrylynn> great computer animation
<Janice> Guzzy - Yes, you are. But many of us others are, too ;-)
<Guzzy> Lol.
<SheilaMar> I want to see Dogma again
<LrdByron> Rick, what did you think of Fight club?
<oats2> saved by the bell... ahh
<SheilaMar> snoochieboochies
<Ricky_Elfman> haven't seen fight club
* LrdByron nods
<Cherrylynn> what about "Dead Poets Society"
<Ichabod> naglanooch, Shelia?
<aneuploid> Can you believe that TONYA HARDING has never seen BREAKIN' 1 or 2?
<Guzzy> I love that movie!
<FanOBoing> I live fight club
<groovy_yak> Hey Rick, do you like Paul Thomas Anderson? Have you seen Magnolia?
<Cherrylynn> me too
<KingArtur> fight club == over rated
<vaporeto> And that was, obviously, you playing poker with danny and the devil and (Dr. Demento?) in GRATITUDE?
<Ricky_Elfman> enjoyed Dead Poets Soc
<Mandii> DPS was a beautiful film
<LittleLadyMercury> rick?
<pampyra> I seriously do want to know what 'producing' really is. I only know reproducing
<LittleLadyMercury> what is producing?
<Ricky_Elfman> That was me, yes
<Cherrylynn> I wantd to go beat the crap out of the dad though
<Cherrylynn> what an ass
<Ricky_Elfman> yes LLM?
<LrdByron> chad:i really liked it
<Ichabod> hehe
<cheshire_> okay, since rick isn't answering that, producing is basically saying what should be put in or taken out or changed so that people will buy it. at least with music, i imagine film is the same.
<Janice> lol, pam.
* SheilaMar thinks we all need to slow down a bit :)
<LittleLadyMercury> what is producing?
<vaporeto> and Dr. Demento????
<LittleLadyMercury> what does it entail?
<Cherrylynn> I miss the Dr. Demento show....it isn't aired anywhere in Chicago
<Satalien> there are a lot of producers who wonder what producing is
<Guzzy> DrDemento rules =)
<cheshire_> as far as i know, at least.
<Cherrylynn> Dead Puppies, aren't much fun
<Ricky_Elfman> producing is too much to explain right now, but if you email me i'll respond
<Ricky_Elfman> in full

<Cherrylynn> fish heads fish heads rolly polly fish heads
<Satalien> yeah, Rick, what do you think of Weird Al?
<Satalien> lol
<LittleLadyMercury> you promise?
<pampyra> ok. will do.
<cheshire_> rick, did i guess somewhat right for producing?
<Cherrylynn> and how come Weird Al never spoofed OB
<Guzzy> "It's all about the Pentiums, baby..."
<Ricky_Elfman> i've met wierd al a few times, I enjoy his videos quite a bit
<aneuploid> ANy body see the TONYA HARDING sex VIDEO?
<Ricky_Elfman> cheshire, yes
<Satalien> hee hee
<pampyra> coz he worshipped them as we all do
<cheshire_> yay, i'm smart.
<Mandii> did he really pam? i never knew that
<Cherrylynn> yes, but imitation is the sincerest form of flatery
<LittleLadyMercury> i dont worship them
<groovy_yak> no one listens to me...(pity party for the yak)
<Ichabod> saw Al in concert, loved Dare to be Stupid.
* LrdByron grins at Pam.
<vaporeto> screw Weird Al...how come I haven't seen a Boingo Tribute album?
<SheilaMar> Rick, have you ever directed a music video, and would you do one if asked?
<aneuploid> Wasn't Oingo Boingo On the GONG SHOW?
<Ricky_Elfman> sheila, yes and maybe
<FanOBoing> anyone else doing Boingo music would be pointless
<Boingo_69> rick, are you familiar with whoever did the cinematography for Sleepy Hollow? I thought it was amazing.
<Ricky_Elfman> Aneuploid, yes
<SheilaMar> Ohhh, what videos?
<oats2> definitely amazing...
<vaporeto> I think it would be cool
<Satalien> it was great
<LittleLadyMercury> rick,would you ever wear nailpolish?
<cheshire_> an oingo boingo tribute could be neat. but only if i get a song on it.
<Ricky_Elfman> i thought sleepy hollow was beautiful but I haven't met the DP
<Ichabod> I don't think the tributees picked the right songs to cover.
<Ricky_Elfman> no, LLM
<Ricky_Elfman> not while I'm alive

<aneuploid> I thought Danny was supposed to direct some movies?
<LittleLadyMercury> LOL
<Erin> what an odd question......
<Satalien> probing, thought provoking
<Alistar> what's wrong with nail polish?
* LrdByron chuckles
<Janice> ... and well-answered.
<Cherrylynn> chad.....help me!
<Janice> lol
<Guzzy> rofl
<Mandii> i'd form a band just to get on an oingo boingo tribute album
<vaporeto> I know, three different Weird Science covers
<Ricky_Elfman> aneuploid, they dangle that periodically to get him to do scores he doesnt' want to do
<Jeff> Rick, besides filmaking, what are your other professional interests?
<SheilaMar> if I ever do some how manage to get a singing career and need a music director, I'll ask for ya Rick :)
<Ricky_Elfman> nothing, on beautiful ladies
<Ricky_Elfman> give me a call, shiela

<groovy_yak> Hey Rick, is Danny scoring X-men or Spiderman???
<FanOBoing> Rick, I love your web site, did you do the layout and design work yourself?
<pampyra> cherry, dcc chad for help
<LittleLadyMercury> rick,what would you say your favorite food is?
* SheilaMar dies dies dies
<Ricky_Elfman> groovy, don't know, wait a sec, I'll give danny a call
<vaporeto> hahahaha
<Ricky_Elfman> ....calling.....
<Satalien> :)
<oats2> say hi for me please
* LrdByron gasps
<Ichabod> No speed dial?
<Ricky_Elfman> .....talking to danny.....
<Janice> ... and the number is.....???? Rick?
<Guzzy> I actually have Weird Science on a record. People are suprized a 17-year old knows how to work one...
<Erin> oh dang
<vaporeto> but...I thought...danny was like....way out there
<pampyra> just tell him to go to the inteface and tell us himself
<LittleLadyMercury> 17?
<oats2> good idea
<groovy_yak> tell him to visit my website too.... :)
* LrdByron ponders danny on the phone....
* cheshire_ is 17 and has LOTS of records.
<SheilaMar> dude, danny is his BROTHER, why wouldn't he be able to pick up the phone and call?
<Satalien> and tell him to pick up some chinese for all of us
<Ricky_Elfman> <Danny> I'm definately not doing X-men, and no one has asked me to do Spiderman.
<pampyra> man, I can't call anyone while I'm online
<Cherrylynn> wouldn't be nice if we could all just pick up the phone and call
<Guzzy> Heck, invite him to the chat!
<Cherrylynn> HI DANNY!!!!!
<Erin> oh man
<aneuploid> Ricky Ever see EVEN DWARFS STARTED SMALL?
<vaporeto> LOL I don't know
*** pamfan has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
*** pamfan has joined #Boingo
<FanOBoing> oh wow...not doing X-Men...what about the x-ray eyes man movie?
<pampyra> wb fan
<Ricky_Elfman> no, but where do i rent it
<SheilaMar> cherryl, not really, then' he'd never get anything done ;)
<Cherrylynn> true
<Ichabod> Or H.R. Pufnsnuf IMAX...?
<FanOBoing> wb?
<pamfan> ty...I moofed or sumpin
<SheilaMar> DAMN
<SheilaMar> I have to potty
<pampyra> pamfan
<Cherrylynn> besides....I'm too busy myself to even call my friends....tonight is a treat
<Mandii> HR Pufnstuff IMAX? i have nightmares about stuff like that
<aneuploid> You can Buy it at SUNCOAST for 20 bucks or order the DVD
<Guzzy> tmi, Sheila
<Janice> Ich ... Pufnstuff on IMAX>>> Whoa....
<Ichabod> Yeah
<Cherrylynn> considering I've got gobs of work to do
<Ricky_Elfman> I'll get it
<vaporeto> Besides..I can't call my brother...I need permision first from his wife
<SheilaMar> I just need to finish learning photo shop and put my page up on the net
<LittleLadyMercury> rick,are you a fan of chinese food?
<SheilaMar> other then that, I have no life
* SheilaMar is married you see
<jenjamms> ricky do you remember playing with Tupelo Joe?
<SheilaMar> :D
<pampyra> vap, I still want to know how you mangaged to be here instead of your wife's bday party
<Ricky_Elfman> I had a very fine chinese repaste yesterday evening
<vaporeto> PAM!!!
<Mandii> brb the cookie jar's calling my name.... :)
<Ricky_Elfman> yeah, Joes one of my favorites
<FanOBoing> rick THE PEDERAST’S WIFE sounds like such an interesting project. I am assuming it will run in LA?
<aneuploid> Ever see that Philipeno Midget James BOnd flick.. FOR YOUR HEIGHT ONLY?
<vaporeto> I have to go now....*sigh*
<Ricky_Elfman> we're only going to run it for 3-4 weeks, then take it on location and film it
<LrdByron> bye vap :)
<Satalien> you should bring it out to the bible belt
<aneuploid> FUnniest movie I ever have seen
<Satalien> see what happens
<Ricky_Elfman> no
<vaporeto> I wanna die
<pampyra> bye vap. I didn't mean to run you off
<FanOBoing> Will Danny's music be incorporated into the film?
<pampyra> I was just curious
<Cherrylynn> Rick, what was your favorit movie of all times?????
<vaporeto> not your fault pam...BUT WHY TONIGHT????
* Goetia fights with the internal Compaq network folks; yes, this is the day for all that. :/
<pampyra> Ricky picked it, not me
<Guzzy> Bye Vap, good luck
<Ricky_Elfman> Definately, fanoboingo, not only that, I'll probably force him to sit and play piano for some of the live performances
<SheilaMar> Rick, back to cars, what made you decide on your camaro?
<Cherrylynn> bye bye Vap
<Janice> Bye Vap
<FanOBoing> no shit!!!
<LrdByron> right on rick
<FanOBoing> oops...sorry...I just got really excited
<suni> bye vap
<Ricky_Elfman> too many, cherry
<Ricky_Elfman> 3rd man.....

<Cherrylynn> do you like the old classics????
<vaporeto> Thanks everyone...Thank you very much Mr. Elfman. And to all the one's who made this possible...(sob) I love you!
<aneuploid> FIDDLER ON THE ROOF?
<Ricky_Elfman> i saw it, i bought it, i put a vampire in it, i drive it!
<LittleLadyMercury> do you think furbys are evil,rick?
<pampyra> what else can you force danny to do? I'm thinking you could make some boingo fans mighty happy :-)
<Cherrylynn> and as corny as this is....do you like Musicals???
* LrdByron chuckles
<Ricky_Elfman> Fiddler was great
<Goetia> ("No, but Oogly's named 'Rick' are evil, Jen.")
<Cherrylynn> pammy...get your mind out of the gutter!
<Guzzy> I worked on a production of Fiddler
<Ricky_Elfman> probably, LLM
<Cherrylynn> hehehe
<LittleLadyMercury> LOL
<pampyra> not in the gutter
* SheilaMar can tell the difference between a '67, '68, & '69 just by looking at them
<FanOBoing> will you have information about the play and dates on your website at a future date?
<SheilaMar> I LOVE Camaros
<pampyra> I was thinking SINGING DANNY sheesh
<Cherrylynn> very decent taste...
*** vaporeto has quit IRC (Client exited)
<Ricky_Elfman> you are very cool shiela
<Cherrylynn> could you see Danny playing the lead in Music Man...hehehehe
<LrdByron> yes, rick please keep us updated.
<Ricky_Elfman> fanoboingo, yes, updates on website
<Janice> Pam - No you weren't... and neither was I. Thanks for trying though ;-)
<FanOBoing> coool
<Cherrylynn> a twisted version anyhow
<pamfan> don't listen to papyra....her mind has been in the GUTTER all her life!!!....lolI
<Ricky_Elfman> yes, the midget science fiction version of music man
<Satalien> Rick, if you were invited to be on "Inside the Actor's Studio" would you go?
<Cherrylynn> LOL
<Satalien> lol
*** Ichabod has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<Satalien> I withdraw that question
<aneuploid> YEAH I LOVE MIDGETS!!!!!
<pamfan> pampyra too <S>
<Janice> ~matches
<Ricky_Elfman> if I could smoke a cigar, Sat.
* Endymion graciously lights Janice's cigarette
<FanOBoing> they have director's on that show too
<Erin> Rick, have you heard of the National Oingo Boingo Social thats gonna happen this summer? if so, would you attend?
<Cherrylynn> here's a good one....if they asked you to do a "Where are they now" for VH1, would you guys????
<pampyra> hey pamfan, I'm trying to be cool here, no childhood secrets
<aneuploid> How come there aren't any more all midget movies... TERROR OF TINY TOWN, EVEN DWARFS STARTED SMALL, UNDER THE RAINBOW?
*** Goetia is now known as Exopilot
<Ricky_Elfman> if we're not in production, we will be at NOBS, erin
<pampyra> I've known pamfan since I was about 4 years old
<pamfan> lol....I'm sure I have lots of 'em !!!!
* Exopilot reguises, for the security of the masses.
<pampyra> oh wow, hi exo
<Ricky_Elfman> you know your facts well, Anepl
<Ricky_Elfman> bravo

<Erin> who is "we", rick?
<FanOBoing> Rick....do you think the cuban cigars they sell in Tijuana are REALLY cuban cigars...I bought one and it kinda sucked
<Guzzy> I wish I could go to NOBS. =\
<Ricky_Elfman> generally not, fanoboingo
<FanOBoing> I am by no means an afficiando though
<Ricky_Elfman> although it depends on which store you go to
<KingArtur> I wish the *@#@#*(@# hotel would come to NOBS
<Mandii> don't we all guzzy
<KingArtur> but never mind me
<FanOBoing> it was probably rolled up horse crap
* Exopilot smirks at Pam. 'Like I said, who else in Oingo Boingo fandom knows both Enochian and the Goetia?'
<Ricky_Elfman> mathew bright lives in Tijuana
<Cherrylynn> Rachel, err Rick, did you see that question about "Where are they now" for VH1, would you and Danny and the boys do it if asked??
<Boingo_69> all these cigar refferences are making me wanna fire up one of my Punch Grand Cru's...
<LittleLadyMercury> if i went,i would just hide under a table and write stuff about everybody
<Ricky_Elfman> and we're going to visit him next month
<Ricky_Elfman> oh

<Erin> who is "we"
<FanOBoing> thatr was fun place
<Ricky_Elfman> I'll have to ask danny, but not tonight
<suni> Rick do you have a fave foreign film of 99? I thought Run Lola Run was great
<aneuploid> I wish GG allin was still alive
<Cherrylynn> no problemo...it'd be cool watching you guys rather than Stacey Q...hehehe
<Ricky_Elfman> punch grand cru, excellent! Boingo 69
<Janice> Rick.... I'll ask him... what's his number again? *smerk*
<Boingo_69> thank you
<LrdByron> sorry.. :)
<cheshire_> run lola run was AWESOME.
<Ricky_Elfman> am behind on my foreign films, alas, sonny
<SheilaMar> I still haven't seen that
<cheshire_> and city of lost children was better.
<Cherrylynn> nice try, Janice
<LittleLadyMercury> yes it was
<LrdByron> city was exelent
<Ricky_Elfman> 666-6666
<Mandii> i loved city of lost children!
<pampyra> Oh hey rick, I promised my 6 year old sone I'd ask you a question
<SheilaMar> friggen tampon Florida, no indie film places
<Erin> lol
<Mandii> lol
*** Ichabod has joined #Boingo
<Cherrylynn> what was the area code on that Rick?
<SheilaMar> I JUST got to see Pi
<Ricky_Elfman> yes pam
<LrdByron> thats an old film tho
<Cherrylynn> hehehe
<Satalien> how was Casper Van Dien to work with? He seems like a cool guy.
<Ichabod> Dear Mother of meat loaf my computer froze, sorry
<cheshire_> everyone should see run lola run, city of lost children, delicatessen, and tetsuo: the iron man. and that is all i have to say about foreign films.
<Guzzy> There's lots of film stuff going on now in Austin...
<Ricky_Elfman> 666
<KingArtur> hey, Magnum PI was my favorite tv show ....
<pampyra> he wants to know if you will ever make a g or pg film so his mommy will lwt him watch one of your movies
<Cherrylynn> ok
<Boingo_69> now all I need is a snifter of Brandy and this will be Heaven...
<aneuploid> Like JODOROWSKY?
<Ricky_Elfman> CAsper VAn Dien
<Ricky_Elfman> was ultra cool
<SheilaMar> not MAGNUM pi, but the MOVIE pi
<Ricky_Elfman> Constantly keeping everybody in good spirits
*** pamfan has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<Mandii> honestly pam, you seriously have the coolest children on the planet
<aneuploid> I wish JODOROWSKY would make more movies... SON OF ELTOPO!!!!!!!!!!
<KingArtur> ya, magnum pi was hilarious!
<Ricky_Elfman> yes, I'll make a pg, eventually
<Satalien> have you ever butted egos with an actor/actress (don't have to use their name)
<LrdByron> a good clean ricky film?
<KingArtur> I'm kidding with ya man
<pampyra> there foes my only fan again
<KingArtur> or gal
* SheilaMar bwaps king over the head
<SheilaMar> :P
<pampyra> oh good, he'll be so happy
<Ricky_Elfman> LOL aneupl.
<Boingo_69> did you mention your favorite stogie rick?
<Ricky_Elfman> satalien, that's half of what we do
<SheilaMar> rick, do you like David Bowie (and not in "that" way)
<LittleLadyMercury> lol
<Satalien> that makes sense
<pampyra> I've got to tuck my wee boingoloids in bed, eveybody type really slowly for a few mins.
<Ricky_Elfman> I thought david bowie was an original voice in the 80's
<SheilaMar> ohh
<Ricky_Elfman> and there are all too few original voices
<Janice> Boingo_69 - Puncho Maduro
<SheilaMar> he hates his 80's stuff
<Cherrylynn> but don't you guys think Robin Williams movie last year "What Dreams May Come" would have made a good title for a porno if they changed one word, "what" to "wet"
<SheilaMar> HATES
<Cherrylynn> sorry...had to say that...forgive me
<Guzzy> Sheesh, I liked that movie.
<SheilaMar> he admits that he sold out in the 80's
<Alistar> Speaking of David Bowie, what the hell is wrong with nail polish on guys?
<Ricky_Elfman> yes cherry
<LrdByron> not to jump...but the new cure album comes out next month
* Cherrylynn goes and sits in the corner for a minute
<aneuploid> Don't laugh Ricky... Jodorowsky actually wrote a script for SON OF ELTOPO
<Boingo_69> another Punch fan.. alright
* cheshire_ doesn't like bowi's eighties stuff. seventies is the best, nineties is okay, most of the eighties sucked though.
<Cherrylynn> I did too, Guzzy, have it on tape
<LrdByron> adn its REAL good.
<Ichabod> hmm quite, like Orgazamo might have been good if it were titled Titanic
<Ricky_Elfman> david bowie has my permission to wear nail polish
<cheshire_> yayayayyayay new cure.
<Mandii> does it really byron? ooooOOOOooooh.....
<SheilaMar> Black Tie, White Noise is one of my favorite CD's
<Ricky_Elfman> herve painted his nails black, of his own volition, for FZ
<LrdByron> Bloodflowers
<SheilaMar> that one and 1. Outside
<Ricky_Elfman> LOL, Aneupl.
<Jeff> Rick, besides filmaking, what are other professional areas you would like to explore?
<Alistar> I'm sure David's happy to hear that
<Cherrylynn> so what does everyone think of the Eurythmics getting back together...I love Annie Lenox
<Ricky_Elfman> writing
<Ricky_Elfman> cooking
<LittleLadyMercury> rick,did you think Peewees playhouse was a good show?
<Ricky_Elfman> music
<Guzzy> Hey, do you chat in here often, Ricky?
<Ricky_Elfman> butterfly killing
<SheilaMar> crap, I SOOOOOO have to PEEEE, but I don't want to miss anything!!!
<Cherrylynn> cool..., except the last
<FanOBoing> heheh
<Ricky_Elfman> Peewee's playhouse was brilliant!
<Guzzy> ohmygosh peewee scares me....
<aneuploid> How come there aren't any movies out with Gay Fisting in it?
<cheshire_> sheila, log.
<Jeff> www.charged.com <applause> great articles..
<KingArtur> Rick, ya use a 30-30 for that or what?
<Alistar> I grew up with Pee-Wee
<LrdByron> hhmmm thanks for that image Aneu
<SheilaMar> I know chesh, but, still
<Ricky_Elfman> jeff, you should read the unexpurgated articles
<Guzzy> i still can't believe he played the voice of Lock in NmBC
<Mandii> professional cooking Rick? are we going to see a chain of Chez Rick's?
<SheilaMar> its not the same
<Cherrylynn> you guys, Sheila has to pee and you all keep reminding her
<Ricky_Elfman> those guys really butcher my charged articles
<SheilaMar> hehe
<SheilaMar> do not make me giggle either!
<Cherrylynn> hey Rick, wanna swap receipies some time...I spent 4 years in cooking school and took private lessons from Pres. Nixon's old chef
<oats2> Writing... Cooking... cookbook?
<drujs> is there any way to get unedited charged articles?
<LittleLadyMercury> um,if you answered that,i totaly missed it. can you answer again
<LittleLadyMercury> ?
<FanOBoing> hehehe...editors...gotta love em
<Jeff> send them! imy fav is the TJ article...I grew up on the border...I like TJ & fine drink :0)
<Ricky_Elfman> i like to cook for my cast and crews when we wrap on fri.
* LrdByron winks at Sheila and makes a river noise
<Ricky_Elfman> very cool cherry, I'm down for that
<Alistar> Would you ever eat a butterfly?
* SheilaMar bites LrdByron on the ass
<Cherrylynn> ok...I have a great receipie for Amaretto Brownies
<Guzzy> I can't cook worth crap, 'cept for banana pudding.
<Ricky_Elfman> you sound like a cool gentleman jeff
<SheilaMar> brb
<LittleLadyMercury> nevermind then
<Ricky_Elfman> bannana pudding, gimme gimme gimme
* LrdByron jumps
*** Ichabod has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<Ricky_Elfman> LLM?
<Jeff> gentleman, maybe not....have to be honest ;0)
<LittleLadyMercury> did you think peewees playhouse was a good show?
<Boingo_69> you mentioned writing and music... just put those together.. can you sing?
<Ricky_Elfman> honesty is the best policy.....as long as the police aren't around
<Cherrylynn> I'll email the brownie receipie to Rach....try it, you'll love it, nice and moisty and warm, specially right out of the oven
<Ricky_Elfman> Pee Wee's playhouse was Brilliant!
<aneuploid> What ever happened to Chevy Chase? I think I hear a sequel to MAN OF THE HOUSE.
<Cherrylynn> lol
<LittleLadyMercury> :)
<Guzzy> *I* liked the stop-mo stuff on pee wee, that's all
<Ricky_Elfman> i can carry a melody, but not as well as little bro
*** jenjamms has quit IRC (Client exited)
<Alistar> El Hombre
<Cherrylynn> pammy, pick up you're private msg...paging pampyra....
<KingArtur> she's putting her kids to bed
<Cherrylynn> oh
<Janice> Cherry - She went to put the kidlets to bed.
<LrdByron> Is Jenna a cool girl...she seems high strung (did you talk about this already?)
<LittleLadyMercury> what the!?!? how did my clock get set two hours ahead????
<Cherrylynn> thanks...one more time, I don't think I heard you guys...hehehe
<FanOBoing> I just tell mine to get back in the closet
<Satalien> hey Cherry
<Ricky_Elfman> jenna is absolutely wonderful, not high strung at all
<aneuploid> Ever thought of making HARD CORE Porn?
<Janice> lol, FOB
<oats2> Well... the liquor store, and movie theatre are calling us...
<Cherrylynn> yeah, Sat
<Satalien> um, Pam's putting the Kids to sleep
<Ricky_Elfman> and her success has not gone to her head
<Satalien> just thought you should know
<LrdByron> Thats good :)
<pampyra> I'm back, trying to catch up
<Cherrylynn> Jenna is halarious....I love Darma and Greg
<suni> Jenna seems like a sweetheart :^)
<Boingo_69> has no kids.. just a cat named Boingo.
<SheilaMar> I love it too
<SheilaMar> but
<Cherrylynn> thanks Sat
<pampyra> I'm wondering about the charged articles... do they own them or do you?
<SheilaMar> haven't watched much tv lately
<LrdByron> Sometimes she is SO funny
<Ricky_Elfman> aneupl, believe it or not mathew bright tried to get me into it once and i declined
<Jeff> Rick, how did you get hoked up with Charged?
<Jeff> err hooked
<Ricky_Elfman> they do, but i'm gonna change that this year, pammy
* Janice 's cats are Taylor & Zappa
<pampyra> good idea :-)
<Ricky_Elfman> charged contacted me out of the blue over the wonderful internet
<drujs> is there any way to get unedited charged articles that you've done?
* Cherrylynn 's cats are Lucy, Kaytee and Chloie
<aneuploid> You could make a PORN movie called SODOMY HUSSEIN and the sequel SODOMY HUSSEIN 2 : BAGDAD
<FanOBoing> LOL!
<Ricky_Elfman> drujs, check with rachael!
<pampyra> I still like the one that slipped by the editors. Josh was thrilled too
<Ricky_Elfman> LOL aneupl
<pampyra> rachael, send them to me!!1
<Cherrylynn> I don't have that one!
<SheilaMar> which one slipped by the editors?
<FanOBoing> I thought the Forbidden Zone was a porno at first...just the name
<Mandii> i have a kitten on my lap, doesn't have a name though...anyone wanna name it for me?
<Cherrylynn> I liked Danny's article in Hustler, although I got strange looks from Abdul behind the counter at 7-11 when I bought it
<Ricky_Elfman> <rachael>I'll try
<pampyra> the line about... oh nm, this is a pg chat channel
<Satalien> actually I had a late charge on Forbidden Zone
<Ricky_Elfman> sorry fanoboingo, anything to get a rental
<Satalien> and the clerk says loudly
<KingArtur> Hey, just so we all know, this channel has more than twice as many people in it as any other channel on the network!
<KingArtur> congrats
<Ricky_Elfman> abdul has a dirty mind
<Ricky_Elfman> hi
<Satalien> "You have a late charge on the Forbidden Zone?"
<pampyra> oh, my mom freaked on FZ
<Ricky_Elfman> <rachael>hi!
<FanOBoing> that's better than what Suncoast tried to sell me: THE FORBIDDEN ZONE......of alien autopsies
<pampyra> told me to turn that filthy shit off
<Satalien> heehee
<Boingo_69> cherry... what issue of Hustler?... I promise only to read the article.
<SheilaMar> YES
<Cherrylynn> umm...was it November, Pam
<Cherrylynn> I think November
<Satalien> Suncoast thought I meant "Spacehunter: Adventures Beyond the Forbidden Zone" with Molly Ringwald
<LittleLadyMercury> ow cramps..... :(
<Erin> uh it was penthouse
<aneuploid> CANNIBAL HOOKERS... now that is a movie
<Cherrylynn> I gave my hustler to a friend of mine after I copied the article
<suni> FZ is a great movie.
<Boingo_69> thank you
<SheilaMar> I have a friend that paid 60 bucks for the forbidden zone, only to find out a couple of weeks ago that he could get a signed copy unused for half that
<Ricky_Elfman> :(
<Erin> it was novembers penthouse
<Erin> pink cover
<pampyra> I have the Danny penthouse article posted on my site
<Cherrylynn> Emanuelle in Bangkok
<Ricky_Elfman> molly's actually quite cool, we became friends through townies
<Satalien> really?
<Janice> Good to know... thanks, Pammy
<pampyra> I'll dig out the URL if anyone wants to bother checking in the club tomorrow
<Ricky_Elfman> :( LLM
<LittleLadyMercury> thank ricky
<SheilaMar> pampy, YES!
<aneuploid> MIDOL
<aneuploid> ?
<Jeff> Forbidden zone sold for 93.00 on ebay before Christmas...poor poor fools!
<LittleLadyMercury> yeah,brb
* cheshire_ would love to see danny's article.
* Cherrylynn savors the last drop of her amaretto
<Boingo_69> ok Penthouse... thanks, can I still get the NOvember Hustler too though?
<Mandii> hey, anyone wanna name my kitten?
<Cherrylynn> oh, that's right...sorry
<Cherrylynn> my bad
<Satalien> a friend of mine sent me the article. I wanted the amgazine
<FanOBoing> name it Boingo
<Cherrylynn> what's it look like Mandii???
<LrdByron> Mandii: girl or boy?
<Alistar> how about Pukka Mandii it means good
<Janice> Mandii - How about Wizard? (Of OZ...?)
<Erin> my cat still doesnt have a name
<cheshire_> mandii, what's it look like?
<aneuploid> I never make it to the articles in penthouse... i blow my load before then... ehehehe
<oats2> Name it Vlad
<Mandii> boy, grey and white tabby
<pampyra> http://elfboingo.homepage.com/ph.htm
<Satalien> where Aneu? The cover?
<Satalien> :)
<Janice> Alistar - Pukka... very nice choice.
<Cherrylynn> pammy...did you see oats2's suggestion
<SheilaMar> oi vey, scroll time
<Erin> i named my boyfriend's cats "Mali" tho.... after Danny's daughter
<pampyra> Vlad?
<Alistar> it's my favorite word :)
<Cherrylynn> LOL
<FanOBoing> no Sat....the ads for Tommy Hilfiger
<Mandii> vlad?!? hehehe
<aneuploid> no on the desk... I have to look at it latter
<Satalien> smart thinking
<Cherrylynn> ummm...ok
<oats2> I like it
<pampyra> um... is anyone saw it fly by, that's the url for the penthouse article
<Cherrylynn> no comment from this sector
<Ricky_Elfman> Mali is a good horse back rider
<LrdByron> how old is Mali?
<SheilaMar> my kitties are named Fred, Peanut, and Ripley
*** Ichabod has joined #Boingo
<SheilaMar> :D
<Alistar> I ride horses
<Ricky_Elfman> 15
<Erin> ooh ive always wanted to ride horses
<aneuploid> Anybody into Axillism here?
<SheilaMar> UGH
<oats2> My kittens are Tom and Vincent
<Cherrylynn> horses are cool
<FanOBoing> when you surf on the internet Rick, what kind of sites do you generally look at?
<Erin> how old is lola?
<Ichabod> Agh, grueling toture that I must indure...
<Ricky_Elfman> I'm about to take my first riding lesson from miss rowan
<SheilaMar> my niece in law is about to turn 15, she's with child :(
<Ricky_Elfman> fanoboingo, drudgereport?
<Cherrylynn> that sucks
<Guzzy> Well, I'd love to stay, but I gotta go. I need to call one of my animator friends.
<Ricky_Elfman> 20
<Cherrylynn> bye bye guzzy
<Janice> Rick - one word of advice - no sweat-pants :-)
<LittleLadyMercury> is she a nice girl? if so give her my phone #,i could use some friends my age
<SheilaMar> we had so many hopes for her
<Ricky_Elfman> i wear clown pants
<Erin> lol
<Janice> Ow.
<Satalien> with matching shoes?
<Janice> lol
<Cherrylynn> and the big shoes too, rick?
<Ricky_Elfman> yeah she's nice
<pampyra> LMAO
<Guzzy> Bye everyone! Have a good Nightmare, Ricky!
<Ricky_Elfman> i never wear matching shoes, how boring!
<SheilaMar> wear some bike shorts under those clown pants, and a jock strap
<aneuploid> I like to pant my testicle black to make my penis look bigger
<LrdByron> Bye Guzzy
<Ichabod> Go to an airport with those shoes and screw around with the shoe shine's head
<KingArtur> I don't need any help
<Janice> Bye, Guzzy
<Satalien> but the real question is: do your socks have holes in them?
<pampyra> chad, you stud
<Ricky_Elfman> LOL Ichabod
<Mandii> lol@ichabod
<Boingo_69> do any of the kids have the Elfman artist gene? Thinking of music or acting careers?
<oats2> Aneu... only one
<Ricky_Elfman> that's personal iformation, satalien
*** Guzzy has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<LrdByron> Rick did you and danny ever play roleplaying games groing up?
<Ricky_Elfman> my son bodhi acts all the time
<Ricky_Elfman> and my son Louis is going to pursue a career in writing
<LittleLadyMercury> how old is he?
<SheilaMar> I didn't know you had a second son
<Ricky_Elfman> <rachael>i love RPG's gonna make him play one soon
<Ricky_Elfman> we may have lord byron, but we didnt' know it at the time
<Cherrylynn> Rick....I have to ask....BRIEFS, BOXERS OR BARE?
<LrdByron> yah Rachael
* SheilaMar bets on bare
<LrdByron> :)
<Janice> (Rach - D&D? Call me! ;-))
<Ricky_Elfman> ask rachael, cherry
<SheilaMar> for some reason
<Ichabod> ha
<Cherrylynn> LOL...Rachel???
<Mandii> rick, i have to tell you, bodhi's a beautiful name to give someone
<SheilaMar> COMANDO
<Ricky_Elfman> <rachael> love em
<Cherrylynn> you were supposed to do the Michael Jordan answer and say "they're haines, let's leave it at that"
<Ricky_Elfman> he used to be called jimmy
<Erin> whats his given name?
<aneuploid> I like to wear Boxers... but they are pesky dogs
<LrdByron> well i have to go play a game..hehe Rachael ever try Shadowrum?
<Ricky_Elfman> but thank you still mandii
<FanOBoing> he was in the "Gratitude" video, right?
<Ricky_Elfman> <rachael> no d/d
<pampyra> g'nite, m'lord
<aneuploid> i once played S and m
<Ricky_Elfman> he was sitting on my lap in Gratitude
<Janice> (Rach... oh well.)
<SheilaMar> aw
<pampyra> who was jumping up and down?
<Ricky_Elfman> <rachael> did once
* SheilaMar still hasn't seen many OB video's
* LrdByron gives a sweeping bow and kisses Pam on the cheek.
<Ricky_Elfman> don't remember who was jumping
<Erin> grr... someone should give me a tape of skeletons in the closet...
<Janice> (Rach - you like?)
<groovy_yak> Hey Rick, if you were granted one wish, what would it be?
<oats2> erin... I got one for ya
<Ricky_Elfman> <rachael>no byron, it good?
<Cherrylynn> they never play the Boingo Videos on VH1's 80's weekends...sucks
<Erin> oh yea, oats?
<oats2> yup
* LrdByron shakes Mr. Elfman's hand. "I hope we speak again soon"
<Cherrylynn> although, Rick, tell Danny he should be getting more royalty checks
<Ricky_Elfman> groovy, hmmm, he he he he he
<FanOBoing> they did play one on "Web Riot" the other day
<FanOBoing> or so I heard..
<aneuploid> I guess when it comes to roll playing games... I am like Mapletorpe I keep the bullwhip in my ass
<Ricky_Elfman> believe me, he gets a lot of royalty checks
<Cherrylynn> we have an 80's station here..nothing but the 80's...play only Weird Science and DMP during the day
<SheilaMar> oi vey
<LrdByron> <rachael> OH YES very fun and modern...its like beaing in a si-fi action movie!
<Cherrylynn> but on THE DEEP END ....lots of deeeepppp boingo!!!!
<SheilaMar> hubby is going to buy yet ANOTHER game
<Cherrylynn> that's 10-midnight, every week night!
<Ricky_Elfman> <rachael>email me byron
<LrdByron> whats your Email :)
<Ricky_Elfman> rowan@richardelfman.com
<Boingo_69> rick, do you have a favorite OB song?
<Ricky_Elfman> god, I love so many of them, it's hard to say
<FanOBoing> Rick...what year did the Mystic Knights first start performing?
<aneuploid> Anybody into Sacrofricosis?
<aneuploid> hehehehehe
<pampyra> rick, can you get any of the unrealesed stuff onto a cd and share it :-)?
<Ricky_Elfman> god, fanoboingo, long time ago
<Cherrylynn> lol
<Boingo_69> if I said favorite lyricly, would that narrow it down?
<Endymion> Nothing bad ever happens to me Nothing bad ever happens to me Why should I care?
<Cherrylynn> we'd all pay big bucks on your web site...not that you need the money
<Ricky_Elfman> we've got some stuff in the basement....
<SheilaMar> Rick, ever watch "Iron Chef" on the Food Channel?
<Satalien> ooh
<Satalien> stuff
<LrdByron> <rachael> i will ") *kisses her hand*
<Jeff> everyone needs money..
<pampyra> well, ignore that don't go in the basement stuff and send me a disc!! (please)
<FanOBoing> Man.... I need to get into that basement
<LrdByron> Bye rick
<Ricky_Elfman> I'll keep that in mind, don't tell danny....
<Cherrylynn> ok
<Alistar> Rick, how much older are you than Danny?
<Cherrylynn> we won't
<Ricky_Elfman> no, i watch iron midget, though
<pampyra> my lips are sealed
<pampyra> promise
<Cherrylynn> Pam, if he does...I'll buy you a cd writer if you burn me some
<Ricky_Elfman> 3 months older
<aneuploid> MIGETS ROCK
<SheilaMar> Iron Chef is FUN
<LittleLadyMercury> lol
<aneuploid> Billy BARTY is in the new SUPER DAVE MOVIE
<KingArtur> I already have a burner!
<Ricky_Elfman> <rachael>dont' be rude, people
<SheilaMar> its a Japanese TV show, Mortal Combat meets Martha Stewart
<pampyra> 3 months LOL
<Ricky_Elfman> LOL sheila
*** LrdByron has quit IRC (Quit: ..It only makes me laugh.....)
<cheshire_> japanese tv is awesome.
<SheilaMar> they have hosts that give you the play by play
<Ricky_Elfman> i love the play by play on sumo wrestling although i can't understand it
<oats2> must go now....good nite everybody....happy chatting
<Cherrylynn> night oats
<Ichabod> Yeah we need more seizure-inducing telivision shows out there.
<SheilaMar> "oh, look, he's doing something with that pig bladder, what's he doing, oh, he's putting the turkey IN the pig bladder, that looks interesting"
<Erin> bye oats
<Janice> Bye Oats2
<LittleLadyMercury> rick,will you comr to my house and cook me something?
<pampyra> buh bye oats. been nice
<Ricky_Elfman> well, I will have to be going in 2 minutes....
<SheilaMar> Rick, its dubed
<Ricky_Elfman> but this has been GREAT! LEt's do it again soon
<cheshire_> yay! again soon is good.
<Satalien> quick Rick if you only had two minutes to live, what would you do?
<KingArtur> this place is always open and you're always welcomed
<Janice> Yes, it HAS been great.
<Cherrylynn> oh let's...you're a very cool dude, Rick
<Ichabod> This has been awesome.
<Ricky_Elfman> LLM, we tried, remember. MEAT MEAT
<FanOBoing> Rick, I just want to say how awesome I think you are for doing this....you are truly a top notch guy!
<pampyra> Rick, some of are here ALL THE TIME, just drop in
<suni> Good night Rick. It's been a pleasure talking to you.
<Cherrylynn> I'll email that Amaretto Brownie receipie....
<LittleLadyMercury> AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Erin> veggie! veggie!
<LittleLadyMercury> yes!
<Ricky_Elfman> finish the little bit of port in my glass and a few more puffs on the cigar...and the rest i can not tell you
<aneuploid> Rick... you have a big movie collection?
* SheilaMar kisses Rick on the hand saying only a few goodbye words...."Rent Orgazmo, and try to catch Iron Chef"
<SheilaMar> :)
<Boingo_69> I'm sorry to rehash earlier conversation, but I missed some specifics... I read something about a play?
<Ichabod> I'll think of you when I get my first Golden Globe...thrown at me in the streets by Tom Hanks...ah nuts
<Satalien> thanks Rick, seeya on the flip side
<Ricky_Elfman> only in my mind anepl.
<cheshire_> yeah, it's been wonderful to talk to you rick!
<KingArtur> veggies are good, when flavored with a fat 20oz porterhouse!
<Mandii> thankyou SO much Rick, more than worth getting up for :)
<Ricky_Elfman> you have all been wonderful!
<Erin> blech
*** oats2 has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<Cherrylynn> yes, thanks so much for spending time with us fans, Rick
<Jeff> Rick, thank you.
<Erin> yes, thanks.
<Ricky_Elfman> And i LOVE every one of you.
<FanOBoing> thank you so much
<LittleLadyMercury> tata rickalicious!
<Ichabod> thanks
<aneuploid> Do you like to watch the crappy SHOT ON VIDEO horror movies?
* SheilaMar dies dies dies
<pampyra> wow, everyone has something to say when Rick says goodbye
<Satalien> not as much as we love you
<Boingo_69> bye, thank you
<Ricky_Elfman> Let's do this a gain SOON.
<Erin> oh and i love YOU
<Ricky_Elfman> kisses
<Ichabod> aidios
<Ricky_Elfman> hugs
<suni> Love ya too Rick
<Erin> sayonara
<Ricky_Elfman> Good night all!
<Cherrylynn> *hugs* back at you
* SheilaMar gives Ricky_Elfman an eye popping hug
<Cherrylynn> thanks, Rachel
<groovy_yak> Thanks so much for doing this Rick!! You rock! Say Hi to your brother for us!!!
<Mandii> night *hugs*
<Erin> night!
<Cherrylynn> for getting him here
<Satalien> God be with you
<pampyra> night R & R, thanks
<aneuploid> Do you like to watch the crappy SHOT ON VIDEO horror movies?
* SheilaMar smooches chesh
<Ricky_Elfman> and a special thanks to my darling pam for arranging this, and king artur for hosting, and all of you who helped!
<Ricky_Elfman> NIGHT!!!!
* cheshire_ giggles and huggles sheila
<Cherrylynn> night
<Satalien> adios
* cheshire_ waves at rick
<cheshire_> bai!
<Ichabod> g'night
*** Ricky_Elfman has left #Boingo

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