I know a lot of the audio cd's floating around were pulled from the audio tracks of live videos so I am potentially looking for MANY MANY shows. Here is a list of what I DO have on video.

Halloween 94- no specific date in info

KROQ Weenie Roast 94

Irvine 10/31/93

Jan 20 1993, but Only a Lad , which had been a final encore for every other 93 show I have is not there.

Jan 15 1993 but might be Jan 19, 1993 No One Lives Forever cuts off in the middle, screen goes black then show resumes. I think there are a few songs missing in between

1990 Halloween shows lableled as Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I think the dates are 10/25-27/90

1987 Halloween- no specific date in info

1985 Palace - no specific date in info

Beverly Theater 88 broadcast

Us Fest 83 broadcast

MTV Ritz broadcast 85

Clowns of Death 94- no specific date given

I have tons of clips from variety shows, interviews, etc, but I'm always looking for more.

I'm also looking for other live shows on video.